The unnecessary roughness of the cost of living

Last night my husband and I had a hot date. It was late and we were hungry, feeling like breakfast for dinner. So, in spite of the discontinuation of the Baconalia menu, we decided to hit up our local Denny's. There are those of you who will be grossed out at the mere thought of eating there. Yet, we stuffed ourselves full of eggs, french toast, pancakes, fruit, bacon and coffee all for $17 with tip. 

As we were leaving we looked at the "value menu" and realized that if we really tried, we could take our two daughters and the four of us could eat for $8 plus tax and tip. And we would be satisfied. Maybe not the healthiest alternative but cheap as hell and tasty. 
Don't get me wrong, we love dining out, and we do our fair share of fine dining. Yet, the older we are we wonder: is there any reason a crabcake the size of a hockey puck should cost $30 a la carte? Is it fair to charge $6 for a side salad? Why is it $9 or $10 for a glass of wine???
There are many upscale restaurants that are always packed. One would never know that there was a recession/economic shit time going on when you are in one of these places. Lately we have cut way down on our frequenting these places because I'm sorry, something that is going to come out the other end is not worth dropping $100 bucks for the two of us. Call me cheap, call me whatever you want. It's unnecessary roughness on our wallets. 
And of course we have gas which now requires a second mortgage. As a result of all the rising costs, many of my other areas of spending have to be reevaluated. One area I have decided to cut back on is my skin care routine. Years back when I worked for a luxury brand cosmetic company I got all my overpriced skin care free. It was awesome. Hundred dollar jars of face cream FREE. After I stopped working there I did continue to reluctantly pay for it. But I just refuse to do it anymore. So I'm hitting up the cheap stuff.
My fear in buying drug store brand skin care products is obvious. I'm not getting any younger and I am not at all interested in botox (yet, let's not get completely crazy) so the dreaded world-o-wrinkles is upon me. The only way to find out how well the cheap stuff works is to try it. It's a risk. But I am officially trying it as of today. I am going from $250 for a complete regime to $60. 
I am going to give it a few weeks. I'm not sure what to expect and sure hope that it works well. BUT it may not. So, if you notice a little old wrinkled lady in a corner booth at Denny's with dark glasses, please stop by and say hello. 

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