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Lauren Spierer: The search for an IU student explodes through social media

At this point in time, anyone who hasn’t heard about missing Indiana University student Lauren Spierer must be living in an underground cave. Or be completely oblivious to all types of social media.  Lauren, a 20 year old girl from New York was last seen June 3rd walking home from a friend’s apartment at 4:30... Read more »

This season's Bachelorette aka Close Encounters of the Worst Kind

Every season I say I’ll never watch again and every season I do. The Bachelor franchise has many millions of viewers that I am certain say the same thing after every disappointing season. After every lame final rose ceremony; after every post finale break-up.  Last season I thought bringing back Brad Womack was about as... Read more »

Time travel now possible, well kinda

I got up this morning with some crazy burst of energy that I haven’t had in ages. Maybe it’s because I know that my girls are back in the US and will be home tomorrow. I felt better than I have been for the past two ranting, raving lunatic like weeks and wow, did I... Read more »

Middle School messed me up, but I'm okay now

Last night we took a ride on our Harley which let me tell you, on a night like last night there is nothing like it. As the passenger I really have nothing to do other than think and enjoy the ride. About halfway through the trip, I snapped to attention when I realized we were... Read more »

One last parenting rant; maybe

This is going to be my last post regarding my girls and their trip. I hit rock bottom last night as I didn’t hear from them for what seemed like an eternity. I had looked at my watch repeatedly and realized that it was 7AM in Israel and I had not gotten my obligatory text... Read more »

Help!! Have I been a good parent??

Dear God of Parenting, I’ve been working at this parenting thing for 23 years. I really thought I was doing a helluva job until the past couple of weeks. Suddenly I feel like a complete and total dumbshit and wonder if I really messed up.  You see, my two kids went on this free trip... Read more »

Genderless baby? Now I think I've heard it all

At least once a week I hear some absurd, oh my God you have got to be kidding news that shocks the living crap out of me. Today’s news? A Canadian couple has decided to raise their baby “Storm”, as gender neutral. Pahleeease!!!!! To even begin to wonder where these kooks have come up with... Read more »