Mr. Potato Head is my dad, it's true

Many years ago when my father was fortunate enough to still have dark hair, and ALL of it he also had a dark mustache, a rather prominent nose, earlobes that are long and soft and wore dark horn rimmed glasses. One day as I paged through a magazine and saw an ad for a Mr. Potato Head toy I realized that in fact it was true, that he bore a striking resemblance to my father. 

Since that time I have bought him every Mr. Potato Head toy, cookie jar, foot massager, plush toy, etc that I could find. He has always taken it as it has been meant, with love and admiration with his precious sense of humor. 
On this Father's Day, which I know my father is my number one fan of my blog, I thought I would let him know what a special man he is, and what an amazing father he has been to myself and my siblings. And even to my husband who had the unfortunate circumstance of growing up without his father.
As far back as I can remember, he has always had a personality that gave him the ability to talk to anyone and everyone and make them smile and feel good. When I was a small child, he worked in sales on the South Side of Chicago. He sold drapes and slipcovers and ran leads in some pretty rough areas. He never let the color of other people's skin affect how he dealt with them. 
I would sit by the front window waiting for him to come home (yes, neurotic even at that age!!) as there were no cell phones back in the early 60's. Thankfully he always made it home and always found time to read to us good night or tell us a bed time story. He had stories he had invented of a character named Petey Pie. I wish I had copies of them as they would become beloved children's books they were so delightful. 
Where my mother was the disciplinarian Dad was the softie. When mom said no, we would always turn to Dad in the hopes that he could sway her. Typically didn't work but that's for another blog. 
In the late 60's/early 70's when the Cubs actually played well, he would go out of his way every home game to drop my girlfriend and I off at the Skokie Swift and pick us up after. It wasn't convenient but he did it as he knew how much it meant to me. 
I won't go on and on about those little things as there were many. The one thing that has always amazed me is his ability to look at me at the age of 53 and call me his baby in every conversation. I am not the youngest, just the youngest girl but it differentiates me from my siblings, makes me feel very special. 
Ho loves politics and old movies. He loves pretty women and is a passionate speaker about The Holocaust. These things make him a very three dimensional human being with a huge heart but one that can be serious and brilliant about so many things. 
I feel blessed that I still have him as I know other people my age are less fortunate. My mom is no longer with us and that pains him deeply; yet he still keeps his humor and sense of charm. The line of ladies hoping for his affections is a testament to that as he turns to me for dating advice. It's not a place he chooses to be but has handled it with grace. 
After losing my mother I know what it feels like to reach for the phone and know I can't call her. I talk to my Dad twice a day and he knows better than to ever leave his cell phone anywhere that it can't be answered right away. I worry about his health and panic at the very thought of ever losing him. 
So to my favorite spud, the happiest of Father's Days ever. My life has been enriched in so many ways because of you. And not many others can claim a world famous toy as their dad. I am one lucky girl. 


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  • That just about made me cry. I love my Daddy.

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