Lauren Spierer where are you??

Since the disappearance of  20 year old Indiana University student Lauren Spierer 10 days ago, I have been obsessed with the case. Maybe it's because my older daughter went to Indiana and lived in the same building as Lauren that it has hit me so hard. For whatever reason, I can't keep myself from googling updates several times a day. 

I have been amazed at the amount of media coverage; particularly social media. The only people that I have talked to that don't know about the case are people that don't use computers on a daily basis. They don't have Facebook or Twitter; don't sign on to see headlines on Yahoo or AOL. So those are few and far between. 
So what in the world happened to this 4'11' tiny blonde girl? How does someone just vanish without a trace? How can there be so little or such unimportant news to report?? Each time I check for updates I find recaps of the same news I have been reading for a week. It amounts to nothing. 
With all the Facebooking and Twittering going on I can't fathom how it hasn't led to one significant piece of evidence. At my computer each day I watch the newsfeed on my "Tweetdeck". The requests to celebrities to retweet articles about Lauren's disappearance run every few seconds. So millions and millions of people are aware that she is missing. Unfortunately out of all those millions, there are possibly just 2 people that know where she is: the person that took Lauren and Lauren herself if she is alive - of course we all pray for that. 
The facts of the case are that she was at Kilroy's, a local sports bar. She left her cell phone and shoes there which begs the question: how much had she had to drink to leave her phone? All the kids I know that are her age have their cell phones glued to their hand. She then went back to her apartment with a friend who had been banned from the complex on 2 occasions. 
Minutes later she left the apartment with that same person who was punched in the face in the lobby area where the cameras are and then walked home with/by Lauren. Can anyone understand at this point why she has not yet figured out her phone is missing? Why did the friend get punched? The friend says he can't remember. 
She then goes to the friend's apartment. His roommate puts the friend to bed. Huh? Lauren had to be pretty drunk to forget her phone and shoes - still had no shoes on after she came and went from her apartment and walked barefoot several blocks with her friend. And he needs to be put to bed but the roommate lets Lauren leave? 
She then allegedly went to another friend's apartment in the same building. Then that friend watched her out the window until she got to the corner where she was last seen. She's 4'11", drunk and barefoot and the "friend" lets her walk home alone at 4:30am??  Through an area my daughter refers to as "totally sketchy" where she wouldn't walk alone in broad daylight??
I'm not buying it. But for the sake of argument, maybe that really did happen. If so, what happened to her in the 3 blocks in between? Did someone stop and ask if she needed a ride? If so, was it a student or a stranger? 
Now as of today there are rumors swirling that Lauren died of a drug overdose. That she was in a group of friends who enjoyed using cocaine. 4'11", drunk, barefoot, no phone, using cocaine and a heart condition which I failed to mention earlier. The stories keep piling up. 
We are on information overload without really getting any information. Checking google every few hours every new article is a reworded version of an earlier one. The worst part about all of this, other than Lauren itself is what her parents are having to endure. 
As each day passes I can't imagine the torture they are going through. I don't know how they sleep, if at all. With every passing moment that there is no sign of their daughter it must feel as though they have been punched in the stomach repeatedly. And to hear stories of possible drug abuse has to just add more fuel to the nightmarish fire. 
I typically like to write about things that I can laugh about or find humor in but sometimes I find it hard to be in a humorous mood when things like this are happening. I find myself laying awake at night praying for the Spierer family to find their daughter and to be at peace. 
I believe someone that knows/knew Lauren isn't talking. I am hoping that will soon change and whoever that may be will finally give it up and tell the police what they know or did. Please just give Lauren's parents some answers. And soon. 


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  • Stories like this always make the hair on the back of my neck stand up. The police can find a stolen car faster then a missing person. It is truly frightening!

  • Very well written.

    I have two kids at Indiana and both live in Smallwood... it hit really close to home for me. Myself and a friend drove down to Bloomington last Friday to help with the search. We met Lauren's Mom and Sister, you could feel and see the pain they were both in. Every parent's worst nightmare!

    My stomach was in knots and each time we looked under or in something, my heart was in my throat.

    I too am totally consumed with this story. I will probably go back down tomorrow to search some more, although, something tells me that Lauren will not be found in the city of Bloomington.

    I pray they find her so that her family can have some closure.

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