Lauren Spierer we must find you

I just watched a news briefing on Lauren Spierer's disappearance. It has been two weeks and I can't stop thinking about this girl and her family. Watching her father break down on camera when speaking of Father's Day coming Sunday, I can't stand sitting by and doing nothing. 

In this area and surrounding Chicago suburbs, many many people have kids who either attend or have attended Indiana University. I am begging people to ask their kids, friends, ANYONE to spread the word. 
Although the news has been constantly on social media, I am amazed at the number of people who are unaware of this case. Let's make it our job to tell, ask - talk about it to everyone and anyone we can. 
For anyone who hasn't heard:
Lauren Spierer is a 20 year old student at Indiana University. In the early morning hours of June 3, at roughly 4:30am, Lauren was last seen. She was wearing a white butterfly sleeve top and black leggings with zippers at the ankles. She is 4'11", around 95 pounds, long blonde hair. 
A white pick-up truck has been captured on video circling the area at around the same time, this may be linked. If you google Lauren Spierer you will find tons of information. 
This story has touched my heart as my oldest daughter attended IU and lived in the same building as Lauren. It could have been ANY ONE OF OUR DAUGHTERS. Put yourself in the Spierer's shoes and HELP THEM FIND THEIR PRECIOUS DAUGHTER. 
Contact numbers are below. I am finding it hard to even blog about insignificant things when things like this are going on. Who gives a crap about Hugh Hefner and other celebrity gossip when a beautiful young girl is missing and her parents are living in a nightmare. 
As her mother has stated: Any small tip can lead to something big. Let's keep this story alive and not let it fade into missing person oblivion. 


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  • 4'11, 95 lbs blonde girl, walking alone 4:30 am, drunk, probabaly on something...Guy rolls up, guy asks to take her home, guy sees she can't talk and is out of it, probably takes advantage of her in the process. After taking advantage of her, guy notices she has overdosed and is DOA due to her heart condition. Guy freaks out. Guy is a townie, not a student, knows the area. Just outside Bloomington are miles and miles of camp ground. Just a theory.

  • In reply to gwill:

    I have run this theory through my mind a dozen times and it's one I agree with. I just pray for her parent's sake this comes to a resolution soon.

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