Keep the search going for Lauren Spierer, don't let this case go cold!

Family and friends of missing Indiana University sophomore Lauren Spierer have reached out to bloggers for help. Since I have already written about her 3 times, I am going to write again for their sake. Mostly for her parents who must be exhausted, sick and frightfully losing hope as the search is now in it's third week.

For anyone who has not yet heard here are some details:
Lauren is 4'11' tall and weighs roughly 90-95 pounds. She was last seen in the early morning hours of June 3 in Bloomington, IN at the corner of 11th and Morton. She lived at Smallwood Apartments which is only a few blocks away. 
Since I have been following the case as if it were my job, I have not missed a detail. Only in the last few days have I discovered information from another blogger at that has severely conflicted with some of the original reports. 
All along it has been reported that Lauren had been drinking at a local sports bar, Kilroy's with a friend, Corey Rossman. Upon leaving Lauren left her cell phone and shoes behind. Together they returned to Smallwood Apartments during which time Rossman was punched during an altercation. They then left around 15 minutes later and walked to Rossman's apartment. Rossman claims that he has no memory of the punch or anything after it happened. 
Upon returning to his apartment, Rossman was allegedly put to bed by his roommate, Mike Beth at which time Lauren left and went to another friends apartment in the same building. After visiting with that friend, Jay Rosenbaum, she left to walk home. Rosenbaum claims to have watched her through his window until she got the the corner of 11th and college around 4:30am. That is the last time Lauren was seen. 
Tony Gatto reports the following: has spoken to a witness who tells of an inebriated girl fitting Lauren's description in the company of an unknown male at  3:38 a.m on Friday, June 3 at the corner of  10th St. and College Ave.   At one point the man slung Lauren over his shoulder.

Police have not acknowledged the incident.

According to the witness, who works as a manager at a local bar, Lauren Speirer  was incoherent, her eyes nearly closed and at one point she fell and banged her head.

The witness describes the mystery man as dark-skinned, about 5 feet, nine inches, 160 pounds, defined facial bone-structure and pointed, thin, rounded sideburns.  She says he was wearing a polo-style shirt.

Leads that included a suspicious white truck have proved fruitless. 

The big problem now is that the longer the case drags on with no real leads, the quicker public interest dwindles and the case risks becoming an unsolved missing person case. As the mother of two daughters around the same age as Lauren, I can feel the pain of the Spierer family and know how I would be if I were ever in their shoes. 

They want to find their daughter. They NEED to find their daughter.  How can they go on with everyday life not knowing? We give life to our children and dread the mere idea of something ever happening to them. They are living in a daily hell, all they want are answers. SOMEONE KNOWS SOMETHING. 

The Spierer family hopes the fact that there is a large reward ($100,000) will be enticing enough for someone to come forward.  However,  if someone is afraid they will end up in jail for giving information that may not work. Even though the tip line is anonymous, there are those people that will still be scared. DON'T BE. Whatever someone may know, TELL. 

If you have twitter accounts, please pass this story along. If you have Facebook, please share it.  If you tweet once a day, it helps. Pass her picture along. Talk to people. Volunteer to search. 

When I first started following the case as soon as I put in the name "Lauren" on google, Lauren Spierer was the first name up. As the days have passed her name is falling lower and lower in the search engine. The longer the search goes, the farther down the list she goes. PLEASE DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN. As feeling human beings, let's continue to set a precedence in the search for missing persons. This one has set the bar, let's not let it die. 

Please call the tip line at 1-800-CrimeTV. Tweet this picture . Do your part remembering what goes around comes around. #findlauren #newsonlaurens 

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