Is this Bachelorette the best worst season ever??

Besides being really tired of watching Ashley Hebert play with her bangs, I am getting totally annoyed at the number of times she mentions Bentley Wiliams name. Yet, I find myself disgustedly looking forward to this two hour weekly episode of dribbling nonsense. 

If anyone found her to be insecure during her time on the Bachelor with Brad Womack, those insecurities are more profound/obnoxious than ever now. I am beginning to think the girl wouldn't know love if it slapped her in the face. Which is what I'd like to do half the time she opens her mouth. 
Tonight was interesting as Bentley (oh my God that name again) returned to the scene in Hong Kong to "talk" to Ashley. In other words, he flew half way around the world for a free vacation and another shot at being on TV. Their most dramatic meeting ever was five torturous minutes of Ashley making a complete fool of herself yet again. Poor girl doesn't know when to stop. 
Why does she keep saying she didn't know how hard it would be? Is she joking? She went through a season with Brad making it almost to the end and might have caught a glimpse that it wasn't a walk in the park. But she went through with it and she is a weepy, insecure and thoroughly annoying mess. 
If you're going to elect to be on national television and date 25 men, suck it up girlfriend. You can't possibly be involved in a show like this and think it's going to be a breeze. No matter who who connect with, you have to pretend to connect with everyone. No matter how bad the breath, you may have to kiss a lot of guys you don't want to even really talk to. 
You have to stand in front of the group and see their male ego's in it's purest form as they wait to see their fate. You have to deflate an ego or two every week and we the audience have to watch their "I really thought she was the one" after videos. Kudos to who I shall dub "The Bachelor with the Biggest Balls" Mickey, for leaving on his own tonight. Bravo buddy, you are hot, hot, hot and can do way better. 
In scenes for the last few upcoming weeks we see a continuously weepy Ashley unsure of what to do, yet says she has found true love then carries on again about her heart being totally broken. I think the producers would have done this girl a world of good by sending her to a shrink instead of playing on her insecurities and turning her into a complete basket case. 
But that's what we do for ratings these days and I keep watching. My bad. Can't help myself. 

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