Hey Hey, CUBS WIN!!! For a change?? Let us pray.

Dear Gods of baseball and all things sports like and angels of great batting and pitching and spirits of great fielding:

Today I was at Wrigley Field. It was supposed to be cool and rainy and yet it was a gorgeous, mostly sunny and warm day. Perfect. It was a good size crowd, good moods and high hopes as always. Then the strangest thing happened. The Cubs looked pretty good. I know, I know it happens occasionally and that's great but today, wow today they actually looked really good. And they won Like any good Cubs fan will tell you, now that they won big today at 12-5, kicking some major "Brewty", we all think that this is the game that will change their season. 
So now I turn to you, all you Gods, angels and spirits to give our boys a hand. I definitely am not seeing them do it on their own, there are plenty of kinks to work out on this team. But with some superior guidance, it may just happen. 
Look, they are 5-5 in their last 10 games. Not bad. Particularly when they have had some games that I am pretty sure people gouged their eyes out watching. I even heard that someone was planning on chopping off his testicles because he thought that would be less painful than watching the Cubs. And I've had my moments this season too. But today their bats were swinging and actually HITTING balls. Actual HOME RUNS. It was beautiful. Yeah, the first inning started a bit rocky with Milwaukee scoring a 2 run homer but we pulled a right back atcha. 
Maybe today will be the turning point. There are plenty of games left and if the boys can figure out all the things they did right today and work on consistency, there can be a fighting chance. 
I know I am sooo sounding like a typical Cubs fan. But remember, I am the one that swore off them for the last 8 years. To be honest, today I didn't know the line up or who was even pitching like I did in the old days. But when I spend a day at Wrigley, eat hot dogs and peanuts, drink beer and get to actually cheer, it changes everything. 
So please hear my plea. I am not getting any younger nor are the many elderly diehard fans that were there today. We need this. I have personally said "This is the year" more times than I care to count. I thought we were going to do this for Santo; that's why I came back. So, since he is up there with you, you need to collaborate and get a strategy going. Then pass it along to the boys. 
Just once in our lives please let us be able to say - "I hope they can do it AGAIN next year". 
Most Sincerely,
One who only loves the boys in blue

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