Genderless baby? Now I think I've heard it all

At least once a week I hear some absurd, oh my God you have got to be kidding news that shocks the living crap out of me. Today's news? A Canadian couple has decided to raise their baby "Storm", as gender neutral. Pahleeease!!!!!

To even begin to wonder where these kooks have come up with this thought process is baffling. Only thing I can think of? Apparently at one point they were really taken with "Pat", the resident SNL gender neutral whiner. Pat and her "friend" Terri kept us guessing and I imagine that is what they are hoping for Storm. 
Wow, and just when you think there are more than enough ways to screw up a kid someone invents a new way! It's as if they really thought this through too; they have very well thought out answers for their decision. 
They don't feel that their kids should be limited to pink or blue, there should be no gender identity. They see nothing wrong with allowing their son "Jazz" to wear pigtails and pink dresses. Their decision came as Jazz wanted to know if people would ridicule the new baby if it were a boy and wanted to wear pink. Sounds like little Jazz has already succumbed to some bullying and ridicule. Thanks Mom and Dad.
I hope that my comments are not mistaken for having anything to do with gay rights. That is an entirely different animal. I am all for it and we'll talk about that some other time. No, this is about parents absolutely messing up their kid before it even has a chance. 
My younger daughter was the tomboy to beat all tomboys. She wore a baseball cap 24-7, played on all boys teams of baseball and basketball and hung out with mostly boys. We had no problem with that. But there was no question that she was a girl, we didn't tell her that she could be whatever she wanted. When she started fourth grade another kid asked her if she was a boy or girl. From that day forward my tomboy tossed away the boy clothes and switched from a baseball cap to a headband. She still played sports and hung out with boys.  
She was born with a vagina which last time I checked means that it's a girl. So if Storm has one, it's a she. A penis, a he. That's it. How do you take those details away??  The grandparent's don't even know!! Mom says this:
"I would teach them that someone else's genitals and sense of how they relate to their gender is their private business, to be shared by them or in a context where safety, acceptance and sensitivity are paramount." 

HA. Acceptance and sensitivity? Dream on mom, this is a recipe for bullying like non other. And don't let Pat make you think it's okay, cause it's not. And I have a name suggestion for your next kid: Don't have one. 

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