Chicago Hotel and Priceline can kiss my a#%

Right about now I have to say that I am all over the First Amendment. I am allowed to say what I feel and have my freedom of speech. So, that being said, The Omni Hotel in Chicago and Priceline can both kiss my ass; twice if necessary. 

We have a visitor in from New York who bid on Priceline and was successful in booking a 2 nights stay at the Omni. The one on Michigan Avenue. The sumptuous upscale hotel located on the Magnificent Mile.  
Our visitor is a friend of our 21 year old daughter. He is a 23 year old college student. Last night they were going to a concert at roughly 9pm. Prior to the concert he and my daughter had some friends over at the hotel to have a few drinks and talk. Pre-gaming it's called and although I am not stupid and I know that can get crazy, remember that when I discuss what happened it was at 8PM. Not 2AM, 8 PM.

Shortly after their friends arrived at their room, security knocked on their door and told them there had been multiple complaints about noise and that they had to keep it down. They were also told if there were subsequent complaints they would be asked to leave. Visitor and daughter think, "oh that means our friends". 
They turned down the music but as any group of ten friends will do, they committed the crime of TALKING. Now I know at 8pm on a Friday night everyone in the hotel would be most certainly SLEEPING and that TALKING should be AGAINST THE RULES but they continued to converse at what they felt was an acceptable level. 
It was then that security came to the room again. Imagine their surprise when not only were the friends told to leave, but they were too. This was at 8:30 PM. WOW. THEY MUST HAVE BEEN REALLY KEEPING EVERYONE AWAKE WITH THAT CONVERSATION. 
So, here you have 2 young adults who have had a few drinks and were planning on leaving for a concert anyway told you are out of here. You are not only going to lose the $333 you paid for your stay, we are not going to reimburse you for anything. We don't care where you go, how you get there and by the way, we aren't giving you back your money for TOMORROW either. We'll keep that, rent the room to someone else and make double. 
Now, if I had been told it was 2AM and they were being drunk and disorderly I would not have sided with them. BUT, any room with 10 people in it is going to be loud unless they whisper. They were told that they should have known the walls were thin and people could hear them. Right. In a luxury hotel that was $140 on Priceline?? I've stayed at the beautiful Palmer House, The Hyatt, The Hilton Towers many times for much less. Wouldn't you think that the walls of an overpriced hotel would be thicker??
If someone was having a screaming orgasm at midnight I wonder if complaints would be addressed or the management would say hey, they're really enjoying their stay. So completely pissed off as I was after hearing this; particularly as they had to sleep on the floor of someone's apartment, I called the hotel management. 
Ever been told to F off? Maybe that's not exactly what they said but they may as well have. My husband and I both talked to several people. We said we couldn't understand why at 8PM noise was such an issue. They said maximum occupancy is 4 people. They never conveyed that to anyone. Had they told the guests on their first visit there were only 4 people allowed in a room they would have left and went on to the concert. Things would have been quiet. THERE WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN 10 PEOPLE HAVING THE NERVE TO TALK. 
So we moved on from last night to tonight. Our visitor has no room. He has BEEN CHARGED for the room but is not allowed to stay there. We told the hotel we would escort him ourselves and make sure there were no problems. My poor young friend has been blackballed by the Omni hotel and may never darken their door again. Because he and their friends were talking. They were even threatened with police if they did not leave the room. DOING NOTHING ILLEGAL OR DISORDERLY. 
Priceline has refused to do anything. Big surprise. They suck you in and man, you are stuck. To get a refund you actually have to die. I talked to several people in "supervisory positions" and felt as though I should reach through the phone and pull their heads out of their asses where they were obviously stuck. I asked for William Shatner but he wasn't around. 
So, here we are. Poor kid has no room for the night and is out $333. No matter how we pleaded with the hotel they would not bend. So, my suggestion is that anyone out there who is thinking of staying at the Omni Chicago bring a muzzle and learn sign language. Cuz if you speak, you're out on your ass. 


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  • Hi,

    I am William Shatner. I will not negotiate with Omni Hotel weenies. Set Phasers to kill.

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