Obama vs Osama and all the aftermath

As soon as the Osama Bin Laden story broke late Sunday night, I ran to my computer to post my thoughts. Everything that I said was knee jerk; right off the cuff. Now with all the stories changing I am beginning to question some of what said. And a good part of what I feel. 

When the news was first announced I automatically assumed that there had been a shootout between the Navy Seals and Bin Laden. I've always hated that silly saying about not assuming things, you know, "when you assume you make an ass out of blah, blah, blah..."But this time I was dumb enough to think that Bin Laden had opened fire and was shot in the face purely with retaliatory gunfire. 
Wrong! He did not have a weapon yet it has been reported he still posed a threat. Now, I am not a military expert but if a man (okay, monster) is unarmed, how is he a threat against a room filled with armed US soldiers? 
It was first reported that Osama had used his wife as a shield to protect himself. Of course this is going to create buzz. But then it's reported that never happened? What else are we going to find out about over time? The more details that are released are certain to cause more and more questions.  
Of course I am not saying that I am sorry he was shot, I am not. What I am sorry about is the chance that the more this story continues to unfold I am afraid it is going to be filled with contradictions and discrepancies. This may result in our enemies becoming more agitated. And that agitation may create increased chances of retaliation. 
The US rejoiced at his death and poured into the streets to celebrate. Not so fast everyone. People want pictures now. People want proof that he is really dead. I do too. But today it was announced that those pictures would not be released as they are too grizzly. Because we never see blood and guts on TV. Seriously?? Pictures of several others that were shot at the compound have been released. They are as graphic as it gets. So why the hold-up?
This may just end up becoming more and more confusing and raise more and more questions. Any amount of propaganda can sway the public to start looking at the "what if" scenarios. Remember Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 911"? Has anyone ever watched "Loose Change"? This is a documentary that questions the United States Governments own involvement in 9/11. Far fetched maybe, yet gripping at the same time.
So soon the inevitable question will be, "Is he really dead". This has already been floating around. He will be added to the list of people, like Elvis, JFK and Hitler that tabloids have spent years writing stories about. Stories that they weren't really dead. What was hoped to bring peace to us may end up bringing more unrest. 
Just another day in the USA.

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