Portillo's saves lives

I feel like it's time to personally thank Dick Portillo for saving my life. So, here is my letter to him and I hope he finds his way to it. 

Dearest Dick,
You are the man. Before I had the luxury of your restaurant in my home town I had to cook. I know, right? Sucks. Not that I mind it that much but I work and so often I am wiped out and don't feel like it! Plus I have to you know, grocery shop. Sucks too. 
Since you came to my town I eat at your place an average of 2-3 nights a week. You have the best marinara sauce in the history of the world. I am a spaghetti junkie so there's that. I love your ribs, I love your pasta dishes and I love your hot dogs. Who wouldn't. 
When we have out of town guests we bring them to Portillo's. Sure, we could find dine somewhere and pay too much for average fare but why? Whenever these people return to town they ask to go back to your restaurant. 
When we have gatherings at home we order your food. You catered my kid's graduation parties. You catered my women's club thank you dinner. You are just my go to guy all the time. 
What are the odds of fantastic food every single time?!? Unreal. How do you do it Dickie? Wish I knew your secret to success. It's pretty amazing. It has to be amazing or I wouldn't crave it when I am out of town. I couldn't travel through the best bistros in Paris and still dream of your Chicken Siciliano. And your chocolate cake; OMG.
So I just want to say thanks. I really appreciate what you have done for me. And you best never close your Vernon Hills location or there may be a suicide on your hands. Or a very hungry person at the least. 
Your #1 Fan

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