Global warming, I think not

I know I should probably be blogging about Elizabeth Taylor today. I hope she rests in peace, in heaven and in sunshine. I know there is no snow in heaven because right now I am in hell and I'm pretty sure that's where all the snow is. It may be a rumor that hell is hot. Or hell has finally frozen over!

It's nearly the end of March and it's blizzarding in Minnesota. I am glad I don't live here and that tomorrow I am able to go home to Illinois where it is a balmy 39 degrees and raining. This is spring? I'd like to take a whip to Al Gore right now. Global warming my ass.
Last night I heard what sounded like small pebbles being thrown at my hotel window. Much to my horror, I looked outside and was greeted with horizontally blowing snow. Just last week at home I was actually wearing SHOES WITH NO SOCKS. The snow from the early February storm had finally all melted and there was a glimmer of hope for spring. So short lived.
This morning my ice scraper would have been better off if it were an axe as I chipped away at the ice on my windshield. It took awhile to find the actual glass and when I was done my perfectly coiffed hair was a wet, ratty mess. Nice. 
The question of the day is why do I live here? Every winter as I get older I question my sanity  and wonder how much longer I can handle the snow and cold. I get used to a warm day in about five seconds. A cold winter? NEVER. 
I really get tired of snow bunnies who go on and on about how beautiful snow is. Yeah, it's pretty for five minutes in early December and then I'm over it. When I can't get out of my garage and when I do, sit in traffic for hours without moving I am over it. It's not pretty anymore. And it gets uglier and uglier by the day, week, month. By now it needs to be gone baby, gone. And Bing? You can line up with Al for that whipping. 

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