Gary Gulman "Boyish Man" appearing at The Chicago Improv

A few years back when "Last Comic Standing" actually had funny comics, this tall Jewish hunk of a guy blew me away with what Wikipedia refers to as his "absurd observations about everyday occurrences". Loving sarcasm as I do, I have been hooked on Gulman ever since. 

The fact that the guy has the best hair I have ever seen, is 6'6" and muscular has nothing to do with it. Right. No seriously, Gary is, in my humble opinion as funny as Seinfeld ever was. And he is a really nice guy! I know this as when I go stalk, I mean see him perform I always take pictures with him after! (My younger daughter is best friends with his niece at their college!)
Gary has that rare blend of wittiness and sarcasm that few comedians have. His delivery is well timed and engaging with the audience so you feel like you're in your living room and he's your guest. A very funny guest. He has had his own special on Comedy Central entitled "Gary Gulman, Boyish Man" which is available on DVD and has appeared on all the late night talk shows. His hilarious CD, "Conversations with Inanimate Objects" should not be listened to while driving; you may run off the road from laughing too hard. 
I am pretty excited that he is coming back to the Chicago Improv March 31 through April 3. I will be there in the front row (can you say restraining order?) and hope that the place is packed for him. I guarantee you will laugh your ass off. Go to and get your tickets! It's a fun night with a fun guy. But don't try to get in line in front of me.

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