Denny's Baconalia: the perfect recipe for artery hardening

No matter how long I'm on this Earth there are always things that surprise me. So when my husband called the other night to tell me about the Denny's special menu dedicated to bacon I was yet again, surprised. Bacon; really? A whole menu?

When I travel he never cooks so he always dines out. Mostly at Portillo's (where I don't think they serve anything with bacon, I could be wrong) but he decided to switch it up. He felt like breakfast for dinner and off he went. He was presented with their special menu entirely dedicated to bacon, the "Baconalia". A festival of bacon!
You've got your bacon flapjacks and your triple bacon sampler (6 strips of bacon and hash browns mixed with more bacon). You've got the BBBLT (8 strips of bacon) and your ultimate bacon breakfast (6 strips of bacon). There is also bacon meatloaf and the crowning glory of it all: the maple bacon sundae. Yep, ice cream with layers of bacon and maple syrup. Because 8 strips of bacon may not have been enough for you. And I do love bacon, don't get me wrong. But enough to have a festival around it?
Back in January my younger daughter and I were lucky enough to travel to Paris, France. After being there for a few days she pointed out to me that she had yet to see any one person that was remotely overweight. We payed really close attention to this for the remainder of the trip and I think we saw 2 people that were slightly heavy. No exaggeration. I then remembered that there is a book titled "Why French Women Don't Get Fat". One reason I can think of, no menu's devoted entirely to bacon. 
It's sad to note that the as of 2007 the USA was number nine on the list of the fattest countries in the world. 74% obesity. So why in the world does a restaurant chain want to fatten us up even more? They may as well have cardiac defibrillators at every table. That way as arteries are hardening during a meal and the subject goes into cardiac arrest, they may have a chance at being saved. 
I figured that the Denny's event was a one of a kind ridiculous thing. Then just today I picked up a copy of AAA travel magazine only to read about "Baconfest" coming up in April right here in Chicago. Bacon with chocolate, bacon lip balm, bacon cupcakes. Bacon, bacon, bacon. Looking further into the bacon phenomena I found websites totally dedicated to bacon. 
It's not so much the bacon and the fat and calories that go along with it, it's what people are eating with it. Sure, if you can eat a strip or two with something that hasn't been fried or slathered in butter, great. But take a close look at the Baconalia menu. Everything served with the bacon is just as fattening. 
So while other restaurant chains have been promoting lighter fare over the years, Denny's apparently has decided to take the opposite route. And to the extreme. The only good thing is that it's a temporary menu. So after the bacon frenzy is over you can always order the Bacon Slamburger. Only two slices of bacon but it's covered in cheese.


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