American Idol could use Simon Cowell's honesty

After this weeks American Idol performances and elimination, I found myself missing the brutally candid commentaries by the king of mean himself Simon Cowell. Not that this seasons contestants are all that deserving of them, I just really miss his honesty.

When Idol first debuted, it didn't take too long to grow tired of Paulas endless, drug induced ramblings and Randy's inability to make a comment that wasn't preceded by "Yo, Dawg". Simon came out of the gate from day one with his biting criticisms yet I always found myself agreeing with him. He was honest.

Last season Ellen was "fun" as a judge but lets face it, she didn't really bring anything to the table. And Kara, let's see...who?? Utterly forgettable. So now we still have Mr. Yo Dawg, the beautiful but not really able to say exactly what she really wants to Jennifer Lopez and Mr. Aerosmith himself, Steven Tyler.

During auditions Simon's absence wasn't nearly as noticeable as it is now. However, since the top 13 started the actual competition not a single judging has been truly honest and that is what makes me miss him. 
Last night Naima Adedapo started the show with "What's Love Got To Do With It". More like "what's being in tune got to do with it". Cringeworthy. The first comments came from Steven who in spite of being a rock star must suffer from being tone deaf. He told her how great she was and that she opened the show with a can of whoopass. Really? Was he listening to the same person? J Lo and Yo Dawg said she was a little pitchy. A little? Where was Simon to tell her that she "came across as a background singer for a background singer." Or that "You are fabulous but it was the singing that was slightly off-putting." Ahhh, I miss him. 

I am not wishing for the judges to be nasty but at least to tell the contestants exactly what they are doing right or wrong. There is a tremendous amount of potential this season and these kids (most of them are just that, kids) need better guidance. In all other seasons it never mattered what any one judge said except for Simon. The others made their comments but when it really came down to it, they didn't even need to be there. HIs word was like the word of God.

Steven needs to stop telling every contestant they were great. He'll throw in a useful comment every now and then but he is fairly useless. Jennifer is too nice to really deliver the brutal honesty. She has stepped it up a bit this week with some useful critique but still needs to grow a thicker skin. I'm guessing Randy is left being the one to turn to since he is the longest standing judge. I almost feel as though the contestants are lost themselves without a Simon to turn to. Not to be verbally abused, but to be told EXACTLY how their performance was without any sugar coating. 

Maybe it's that I enjoy heavy sarcasm and Simon was so good at it. To rise to the top you have to face adversity. You can't always be told you are the best if you need some work. So when a performance sounds like fingernails on a blackboard or puts us to sleep it would be best to just speak the truth. And we all know the truth hurts.

Watch the video to the end, you'll see what I'm talking about.

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