Oscars were boring and predictable but I'll never stop watching them

Tonight my nine year old great nephew asked me what The Oscars were. I tried my best to explain that they were awards or "prizes" for the people who act in movies. He left the room to watch "Minute to Win It".

Maybe I should have done the same but no matter how boring The Academy Awards are, I will never miss them. I have never missed a telecast since I was a child, always allowed to stay up past my bedtime to watch. My father has always been a huge movie buff so I imagine that's partially responsible for my traditional watching f the show.

This year was more boring than usual with not a
single surprise or upset. I always enjoy a surprise win (if it's someone
I am rooting for) but not a single one tonight. And I know that while I
am sitting here watching the "E" after party and celebs are raving
about how great James Franco and Anne Hathaway did as hosts, I must

I think Anne Hathaway is gorgeous and talented but the name of the telecast could be changed to "27 Dresses". I lost
track of her wardrobe changes halfway through. Yes, beautiful but
unnecessary. And did James Franco really need to change along with her?
At least dresses can really look different but how many variations on a
tuxedo can you have?

My highlights of the evening were: Kirk
Douglas. Melissa Leo dropping the "F" bomb. David Seidler winning for
best original screenplay for "The King's Speech" as he is one of the
oldest winners ever in this category and gives me hope I'm not too old
to do the same. Tom Hooper winning best director for "The King's Speech"
and telling the audience to "listen to your mother"  after explaining
her part in him directing the film. Billy Crystal's appearance which
gave me hope that he was taking over for the rest of the show.

I was hoping for: Geoffrey Rush who I feel gave a brilliant, uplifting
performance (Bale was fantastic no doubt). Anette Bening who should have
won for "American Beauty" but was robbed. I hope she has more roles to
come, receives a nomination and will for once not be up against a shoe
in. I do think it would have been fun to see Hailee Steinfeld win but
she does have many years and roles ahead of her.

What I am most
excited about now is to watch "The Fashion Police" tomorrow night to see
the coverage of who wore what, who looked good, who didn't and what
Joan Rivers thought of Scarlet Johansens hair. I personally thought she
looked like she just rolled out of bed. So for a telecast that I was
bored immensely by, I still found plenty of food for thought. Which
keeps bringing me back every year.


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