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Nick Murphy becomes Chet Faker

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Chet Faker Performs Live at Lincoln Hall in Chicago – 2014 Who is Chet Faker?  you’re a mouth full that amounts for another week on my own now I’m a novel   made resourceful I start a chain with my thought Provocative lyrics from the digital funk, soul inspired Australian known as Chet Faker In... Read more »

Are you Ready?

Slammed right into the middle of inspiration When the Beat dropped it felt like the first day of school Exciting.  Fresh. Intimidating. I’d always hoped that a challenge would be as poetically calculated as I was And I was challenged The Beat painted a picture so pure. So absolutely verbatim My conversations with the Universe... Read more »

The Art of Being a Hip Hop Legend - Big Daddy Kane

Hip Hop is a Culture; defined NOT by poor behavior, lack of discipline & blasphemy, but by the Rhythm and Poetry of our Lives. Our Pain. Our Joys. We Salute Big Daddy Kane 7 Studio Albums Over 20 years in the Music Industry 1st Rapper to ever hold two (2) sold-out shows at the world famous... Read more »

The RED LIGHT EFFECT - Starring: Yasiin Bey (a.k.a. the mighty Mos Def)

“Music is a science of communication much like language. We can convey all kinds of different emotions and messages thru well crafted song lyrics, melodies, harmonies,musical chords and rhythms.” Kindred & the Family Soul    ~LaRay~