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A Song for Maya

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He told me he loved me. And I believed him. He said “one day I’ma make you my wife.” So I supported him. He told me “I’ll never make you cry again.” And I trusted him. Then there was that lonely Wednesday. It was windy and I was somber. Usually it’s Jose James or Nina... Read more »

Drunk by the Sea

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Hey man Is that a beer can You know you can’t drink out here Am I making myself clear And why are you out here anyway Wasting the day away Deferring dreams and asking for handouts Surviving on memories and dancing to songs nobody hears but you I’m sick and tired of seeing you live... Read more »

Remy Ma is fighting a Honey Bee

Imagine this. You are outside on a beautiful day enjoying your life. Sun is shining. You can smell the flowers for the first time in a long time. It’s a good day. Then a bee buzzes by you. At first you move a little and ignore it; not taking it personal of course, because it’s... Read more »

22nd Annual Black Harvest Film Festival

The 22nd Annual Black Harvest Film Festival returned to the Gene Siskel Film Center this August for another year of celebrating Black Independent Filmmakers. This year’s films ranged from raunchy comedies to films documenting real time social injustices, with some brilliant biographical documentaries in between. From first-time filmmakers and actors to legends like Irma P.... Read more »

The Life of a Writer

I heard someone say “I don’t like to write. I like having written.” I think it was Pearl Cleage. Could’ve been Sonia Sanchez or Jessica Care Moore or Nikki. I feel that way. I don’t like the act of writing, I like the pleasure from having written. Almost like going to the gym. Hate it.... Read more »

My Chicago. My Home.

My Chicago. My Home.
503. 503 letters & Emails. Don’t say I didn’t try to talk it out. Don’t say I wasn’t solutionary. I didn’t just complain to upset you. You were hurting me. How? By being dishonest to me. “It has no long-lasting affects.” “It’s organic and non-pollutive.” “We are doing this to enhance the quality of your... Read more »

Nick Murphy becomes Chet Faker

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Chet Faker Performs Live at Lincoln Hall in Chicago – 2014 Who is Chet Faker?  you’re a mouth full that amounts for another week on my own now I’m a novel   made resourceful I start a chain with my thought Provocative lyrics from the digital funk, soul inspired Australian known as Chet Faker In... Read more »

A Conversation with Walter Mosley

“I don’t really see writers as teachers.” “Chicago is truly an American City.” “…Debbie Doesn’t do IT anymore…” While visiting Chicago as one of the featured speakers at last month’s Lit Fest, Walter Mosley sat down with me to discuss his new novel Debbie Doesn’t Do it Anymore, the writing process, and his love of... Read more »

Are you Ready?

Slammed right into the middle of inspiration When the Beat dropped it felt like the first day of school Exciting.  Fresh. Intimidating. I’d always hoped that a challenge would be as poetically calculated as I was And I was challenged The Beat painted a picture so pure. So absolutely verbatim My conversations with the Universe... Read more »

The RED LIGHT EFFECT - Starring: Yasiin Bey (a.k.a. the mighty Mos Def)

“Music is a science of communication much like language. We can convey all kinds of different emotions and messages thru well crafted song lyrics, melodies, harmonies,musical chords and rhythms.” Kindred & the Family Soul    ~LaRay~