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My Chicago. My Home.

My Chicago. My Home.
503. 503 letters & Emails. Don’t say I didn’t try to talk it out. Don’t say I wasn’t solutionary. I didn’t just complain to upset you. You were hurting me. How? By being dishonest to me. “It has no long-lasting affects.” “It’s organic and non-pollutive.” “We are doing this to enhance the quality of your... Read more »

Nick Murphy becomes Chet Faker

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Chet Faker Performs Live at Lincoln Hall in Chicago – 2014 Who is Chet Faker?  you’re a mouth full that amounts for another week on my own now I’m a novel   made resourceful I start a chain with my thought Provocative lyrics from the digital funk, soul inspired Australian known as Chet Faker In... Read more »

A Conversation with Walter Mosley

“I don’t really see writers as teachers.” “Chicago is truly an American City.” “…Debbie Doesn’t do IT anymore…” While visiting Chicago as one of the featured speakers at last month’s Lit Fest, Walter Mosley sat down with me to discuss his new novel Debbie Doesn’t Do it Anymore, the writing process, and his love of... Read more »

Are you Ready?

Slammed right into the middle of inspiration When the Beat dropped it felt like the first day of school Exciting.  Fresh. Intimidating. I’d always hoped that a challenge would be as poetically calculated as I was And I was challenged The Beat painted a picture so pure. So absolutely verbatim My conversations with the Universe... Read more »

Chadwick Boseman Talks Leading Role in New Film "42"

“He was probably a better football player, basketball player, and track & field star than he was a baseball player.” Just a week away from the opening of Brian Helgeland’s new film 42, a Biopic of baseball legend and Hall of Famer – Jackie Robinson, actor Chadwick Boseman sits down in a private interview and talks about... Read more »

The Art of Being a Hip Hop Legend - Big Daddy Kane

Hip Hop is a Culture; defined NOT by poor behavior, lack of discipline & blasphemy, but by the Rhythm and Poetry of our Lives. Our Pain. Our Joys. We Salute Big Daddy Kane 7 Studio Albums Over 20 years in the Music Industry 1st Rapper to ever hold two (2) sold-out shows at the world famous... Read more »

The RED LIGHT EFFECT - Starring: Yasiin Bey (a.k.a. the mighty Mos Def)

“Music is a science of communication much like language. We can convey all kinds of different emotions and messages thru well crafted song lyrics, melodies, harmonies,musical chords and rhythms.” Kindred & the Family Soul    ~LaRay~

The Babies vs the Bieber

You’ve never seen Justin Bieber’s Baby performed liked this… Impromptu Performance in Chicago’s Millenium Amtrak Station  ~LaRay~

"If you can talk, you can Sing. If you can walk, you can Dance."

WHEN THE BEAT DROPS is about the Heartbeat of Chicago. Known for its diverse music scene, delicious cuisines and rich, cultural history, the Beat of Chicago is unlike any other. When the Beat Drops delivers behind the scenes footage and interviews from concerts and events all around Chicago. If you missed your favorite performer or an exclusive event,... Read more »