Are you Ready?

Slammed right into the middle of inspiration
When the Beat dropped it felt like the first day of school
Exciting.  Fresh. Intimidating.
I’d always hoped that a challenge would be as poetically calculated as I was
And I was challenged
WTBD 2013

The Beat painted a picture so pure. So absolutely verbatim
My conversations with the Universe never included hip-hop, so how could it know
Like I’m not cheating on Jazz with Poetry
Or cheating on Poetry with Jazz
And lying to them both just for some time alone…
with my  Canon. And my Truth. And my Fears

I never asked to be a Creator. Just a creation
And most times my thoughts are heavy and scattered much like this story, that’s really about Inspiration-
which came upon me straight like that
No meditative request
No happenstance meeting across one of my Confucius-minded friend’s social media status updates…
Well pieces of this may have been sparked by social media, but its 2013… what isn’t?

Like the baseline that snaps you out of it, in what later becomes your favorite song
Or Perspective-changing lyrics that give your purpose Power
“All I am is me and that’s all I can be. Sorry if that let you down. But I’m not gonna spend my time wasting my precious divine energy. Tryna explain and being ashamed of what you think is wrong with me.”
That little bit of hope on your most helpless days
Inspiration… it dropped with the beat and I caught it

“You are doing a lot of sacrificing, but you aren’t sacrificing anything of value.”
“Extremism is unhealthy.”
“What you can’t see in yourself, you will never see in others.”

Inspiration birthed lessons because the Universe trusts me with its Art
I don’t plan to disappoint.
Because when the Beat dropped, I realized it wasn’t just about hip-hop or jazz or soul…
It was about Life.


Stay tuned...

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