The Art of Being a Hip Hop Legend - Big Daddy Kane

Hip Hop is a Culture; defined NOT by poor behavior,
lack of discipline & blasphemy, but by the Rhythm and Poetry of our Lives. Our Pain. Our Joys.

Slide1We Salute Big Daddy Kane

7 Studio Albums

Over 20 years in the Music Industry

1st Rapper to ever hold two (2) sold-out shows at the world famous Apollo theater for
women only.

Admired by some of Hip Hop's most prolific lyricist, Antonio "Big Daddy Kane" Hardy is still selling out shows and burning down stages with his high-energy dancing, powerful lyrics and incomparable flow.

BDK quote

"As years go by, music is gonna change into something different. Rock-N-Roll of the 50's is not the same as Rock-N-Roll of the 70's. So of course, at some point in time, the Hip Hop of the 70's and 80's was gonna change into something else."
Big Daddy Kane


Big Daddy Kane performed to a packed house at the Shrine last night and proved that he can
still rock the house no matter
the shift in Hip Hop.





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