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The Money Tree

Earlier this summer, author Amy Krouse Rosenthal hung 100 single dollar bills to a tree in Chicago to see what would happen. It’s not what you expect! Did you have a chance to partake in this experiment?

Late Night Video: Literal Instruments

I love this guy, he’s got some fantastic videos – and he’s very easy on the eyes.

Saturday Evening Video: Creepy Asian Guy

For Sure

Saturday Video Find: The Illusion of Peace

Saturday Video Find: Avril Lavigne's Alice (in Wonderland)

if you’re waiting with baited breath for the new Tim Burton ‘Alice in Wonderland’ extravaganza, then take a few minutes out to watch the new Avril Lavigne’s new song from the movie.

Billie Jean.....literally

The latest “literal” video has just hit the net and I needed to share it with you. What’s a literal video?  YouTuber dascottjr takes an old music video, and turns the song into a literal translation of the video.  Last year he took the web by surprise when he released the literal version of  Total... Read more »

YouTube Find of the Day

Prop 8 trials will be televised...somewhat

Yesterday I posted about a request to sign a petition to have the Prop 8 trial in California televised so that the largest amount of people have the ability to see the proceedings. While that petition drive was going on, Judge Vaughn Walker ruled that the proceedings would be televised….somewhat.  He stated that he would... Read more »

Step aside Gaga, the stalkers are here

Lady Gaga has just been all over the place recently.  Dumping Kanye, selling out tour dates in seconds, appearing on SNL, releasing new videos and her first single from her second album, but it’s time to setp aside for a minute and take a breath – because the stalkers are here. Comedian, song-writer and all... Read more »

How was your Halloween

Did you have a fun Halloween?  If you didn’t get a chance to experience the parade on Halsted check out this great video that my friend Greg Baird posted to his YouTube Channel.   Now that Halloween is behind us we can focus on importan things, like Christmas and New Years Eve!