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Pushing those elevator buttons!

I was out shopping the other day and found myself about ready to punch some guy in the head for being so stupid! How do you handle situations like this?

VIDEO: Taste of Chicago is now open!

Photo Credit: yuan 2003 via Flickr CC One of Chicago’s summer staples – The Taste of Chicago – opens today in Grant Park and runs through July 4th. The Taste is open daily from 11AM to 9PM so you downtowners can run over to the park for lunch and grab some delicious bites from some... Read more »

What if the Great Global Kiss-in ended like this?

This was the scene at this weekends Slavic Gay Pride, where a mere 40 LGBT individuals tried to host their first Gay Pride Event. Makes you glad that you live in America doesn’t it? So let me ask you, what are you doing to make sure that your rights are being protected as an LGBT... Read more »

Oh no, I'm getting old

Even though I’ll be the last one to admit that I act my age, I’m afraid that it’s finally catching up with me.   What makes you feel old?

Lady Gaga & Beyonce video: Telephone

Well, the video we’ve all been waiting for is finally here Lady Gaga and Beyonce’s collaboration: Telephone.  It’s an almost 10 minute long ‘epic’ that is just what you’d expect from Lady Gaga. The video starts with Gaga being taken to jail, obviously there because she killed her boyfriend in Paparazzi and then just takes... Read more »

[VIDEO]: Milk67 - White Monks

WOAH!  I think I just found my new favorite artist – Milk67 an electro fusion rock something or other group out of Zurich, Switzerland.  All I know is they’ve got a great sound and an even hotter music video to go along with it. I can’t’ find much out about them, even though they have... Read more »

Snowlapse - at least we're not in DC

Check out this amazing “snowlapse” video taken in DC taken over the weekend. At least we’re not in DC, but then after today’s storm, we may wish that we were!  Found over at Chicagoist

Hottest new iPhone app - iNaked

I’ve been jonesing for an iPhone for the longest time, but seriously AT&T service sucks in Chicago.  My roomie has an iPhone and the only place he can get reception is if he stands on our back deck – I for one enjoy a cellphone for what it’s meant to do – not for how... Read more »

Around Town: No Pants Subway Ride [VIDEO]

This past weekend was Impro Everywhere’s 9th edition of ‘No Pants Subway Ride’ and I was there to join in on the fun….well I followed the crowd but didn’t take my pants off – hey someone needed to video tape it for you! Enjoy

Just in time for the holidaze the 'Hand JOB'

It’s the busiest time of the year, and honestly who couldn’t use a hand around the house.  Check out this great new product the Hand Job!