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Dixie Longate decides to stay for a bit longer

That delight and wonderful reformed hooker Dixie Longate has made such an impression on the city – she’s staying (at least for 4 more weeks.) Dixie’s Tupperware Party has been rocking the Royal George since late March.  She’s had the extreme pleasure (NOT, I’m sure) of enjoying our delightful spring and now she may even... Read more »

Dixie Longate Storms Into Chicago

Well Hookers, you’ll never believe it, but Dixie Longate is finally IN DA HOUSE!!! After stalking her for years now following her across the country from Iowa to Aurora to Dallas she’s finally set up shop for a bit here in Chicago at the Royal George Theater. Not only does Dixie bring you some of... Read more »

Dixie Longate has a deal for you

My favorite Hooker Dixie Longate is making her way north for an extended visit – to celebrate I’ve got a special on tickets for you! If you’re looking to buy some fabulous plastic crap from one of the best Tupperware salesladies out there – then Dixie is your gal!  She’s been traveling around the country... Read more »

Dixie Longate is Coming To Town

Dixie Longate and Michael Lehet Dixie Longate is coming to town and you’d better watch out bitches! I’ve had the distinct pleasure of stalking Dixie for a few years now, and now it’s your turn to start. For me it started a few years ago when a blogger friend in Denver said he was loading... Read more »

Dixie Longate returns to Chicago

One of my most favorite drag queens in the world, Dixie Longate, is coming back to make sure you’ve got all your Tupperware needs in time for the holiday! I first started stalking, er I mean I first met Dixie a few years back when a blog friend of mine in Colorado said he and... Read more »