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Prop 8 Trial re-enactment hits YouTube - Day 1

Since January 11th the “Prop 8” trial has been taking place in California. At first it was proposed that under a new law that allows cameras in the courtrooms that the trial would be broadcast. Immediately those supporting Prop 8 shouted “foul” and tried to use the defense that if their witnesses were displayed on... Read more »

Prop 8 Trial update

The Prop 8 trial in California – Perry v. Schwarzenegger is in full swing – do you know what’s going on? Yesterday was the first full day of the trial, without cameras, and things are just starting to get rolling. The Courage Campaign is producing a great site, Prop 8 Trial Tracker, to allow you... Read more »

CALL TO ACTION: Televise the Prop 8 trials

Although we may not live in California, the Prop 8 trial that starts on January 11th affects us all.  A Call To Action has been placed by the Courage Campaign to gather signatures to show the court that we want the trials televised. Here’s the note: This is extremely urgent and extremely important. U.S. District... Read more »