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Schoolboy to Showgirl:The Alexandra Billings Story [VIDEO]

Do you recognize the name Alexandra Billings?  You should, she’s a transwoman from Chicago who has taken the world by storm.  She ‘cut her teeth’ in Chicago performing at numerous venues like the Bailiwick, The Court Theater and Steppenwolff.  She’s an accomplished Cabaret singer and after moving to California has appeared in numerous TV programs.... Read more »

ACLU wins lawsuit to get corrected birth certificates

Photo Credit:lilithvf via Flickr CC Last week the ACLU announced that three of their clients were in possession of new, accurate birth certificates after they were unfairly denied them based on policies of the Illinois Department of Public Health.   Earlier this decade,the Department’s Division of Vital Records started interpreting the Vital Records Act to... Read more »

Chaz Bono explains gender on Good Morning America

Chaz Bono, who is 8 months into his transition was on Good Morning America earlier this week to explain gender to the country.  I can’t do a better job of explaining, so watch this video.