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The making of Telephone with Lady Gaga and Beyonce

Click through to watch Telephone with Lady Gaga and Beyonce

Lady Gaga & Beyonce video: Telephone

Well, the video we’ve all been waiting for is finally here Lady Gaga and Beyonce’s collaboration: Telephone.  It’s an almost 10 minute long ‘epic’ that is just what you’d expect from Lady Gaga. The video starts with Gaga being taken to jail, obviously there because she killed her boyfriend in Paparazzi and then just takes... Read more »

Lady Gaga & Elton at the Grammys and a free MP3 download

Even though Lady Gaga doesn’t look anything like she did when she was here at Lollapalooza in 2007 – she is AMAZING!  She’s has most definitely taken the music scene by storm, having 5 consecutive #1 songs, filling venue after venue to full capacity on her latest tour and making everyone shake their head every... Read more »

Lady Gaga's first single from The Fame Monster

I just found this over on YouTube and had to share it with you.  It’s the newest single from Lady Gaga’s upcoming album The Fame Monster.  The track is called Telephone and it features the divine Beyonce! > Hurry before it gets yanked from the Tubes of You!