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Protest Scheduled at Target this Saturday

It’s time to get your protest shoes on and head to Uptown where a demonstration is scheduled for Saturday at 11AM. I’m the first to say that I love me some Red Dot Boutique (aka Targay, aka Target) but the shenanigans they pulled recently by donating money to Minnesota Forward has lit a fire under... Read more »

Don't forget the Harvey Milk Week of Action rally on Saturday

I hope that you’re going to get involved and that I’ll see you at the Harvey Milk Week of Action Rally scheduled for Saturday at 1PM. Don’t just sit there and hope that someone else will come out and represent you….do it for yourself….do it for your community….do it for those in the LGBT community... Read more »

13 LGBT Activists Arrested after Sit-in at Senator Durbins Office

Just got this information from the Gay Liberation after their planned sit-in at Senator Durbin’s office. What are you doing to make a change?  Don’t forget the rally on Saturday, I hope to see you there! ——————————————————————- Chicago, IL – May 20, 2010 –  As part of a broad strategy to gain a vote on... Read more »

Still looking for something to do this weekend

You’ve still got plenty of time to have fun this weekend, but if you do nothing else this weekend then you need to head down to Michigan & Congress and take part in the Rally for Harvey Milk’s Birthday and to raise awareness of LGBT Rights.  FESTIVALS F/S/S – Chicago MayfestS/S – Chicago Green Festival... Read more »

Hope you didn't miss: Protest at Holy Name Cathedral

Photo Credit:Gay Liberation Network via Flickr CC More than 100 protesters marched outside of Holy Name Cathedral yesterday to protest Chicago’s Cardinal George – who has been instrumental in stalling LGBT rights. The Gay Liberation Network organized the protest to bring to light the work that Cardinal George has been doing, behind the scenes, to... Read more »

Valentine's Day Activity: Picket Holy Name Cathedral

Are you looking for something unique to do for Valentine’s Day?  The Gay Liberation Network is organizing a picket at Holy Name Cathedral to bring attention to ‘Freedom-to-Marry Day 2010’ and that GLBT people are still not able to marry. Here’s the information from GLN: In opposition to the desires of millions of lay Catholics... Read more »

God Hates Fags.....and Twitter Too

The Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) has set their sights on Twitter, and they plan to protest at the San Francisco headquarters today at 4:30PM local time.   WBC is best known for their catchy slogan ‘God Hates Fags’ and their penchant for picketing soliders funerals.  Now they’re hell bent set on picking on Twitter.  ... Read more »

GUEST POST: Hey Hey, Ho Ho, Transphobia Has Got To Go!!!

Photo Credit: M.J. This past weekend a protest was mounted at Hunters Night Club in Elk Grove Village against their unfair use of a supposed “Two Faces, Two ID’s” door policy which targets the Trans community by forcing them the provide an ID that matches their gender presentation.  As I was out of town this... Read more »

Will there be a protest at Belmont CTA over alleged homophobia?

Photo Credit:zol87 Will an incident of alleged homophobia on the CTA spurn a protest on Friday evening? Earlier this week a CTA rider alleged that while at the Belmont El station they were subjected to homophobic remarks by CTA employees.   Tonight on Facebook there are rumblings of a porposed protest at the Belmont Station tomorrow... Read more »

Zombies to demand health care at Schakowsky Town Hall Forum

Photo Credit:endenizen via Flickr Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky will hold a Health Care Town Hall Forum in the Niles West High School Auditorium at 5701 Oakton Street in Skokie, and zombies will be there to protest and demand Universal Health Care. The Zombies, part of the group “Universal Single Payer Health Care is the Only Way... Read more »