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WATCH Prop 8 Arguments LIVE

Today in California the oral arguments for Perry v Schwarzenegger (AKA Prop 8) will start the oral arguments at 12PM CST. Judge Walker Vaughn ruled that Prop 8 was unconstitutional but an appeal was requested, and granted, so today the U.S. Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit will begin hearing testimony. You can watch it live... Read more »

Prop 8 Stay LIFTED!

Just moments ago Judge Vaughn Walker announced that the Stay that was issued along with his ruling on Perry v. Schwarzenegger (Prop 8) HAS BEEN LIFTED! BUT, same-sex couples will not be able to get married until after the Stay expires – August 18th. This is wonderful news, I wonder how this will pave the... Read more »

Chicago's LGBT Community Supports the California Prop 8 Decision

Chicago's LGBT Community Supports the California Prop 8 Decision
More than 100 LGBT community members and their allies stood beneath the Picaso statue at Daley Plaza last night to show their support for the ruling in the Perry v. Schwarzenegger case in California. The case was brought to the courts to overturn the Prop 8 vote that was approved by a majority vote in... Read more »

The Prop 8 Ruling IS IN!

The controversial Prop 8 Trial in California is over (for now) and Judge Walker has announced his ruling…..and the haters will not be happy !   Today Judge Walker handed down a  138 page ruling that you can read here saying that Prop 8 is “unconstitutional under both the due process and equal protection clauses.”  ... Read more »

Get a Prop 8 Decision Alert on your phone

Ok, it’s finally time to take advantage of that text message plan on your cell phone! The American Foundation for Equal Rights will text you the moment Judge Vaughn Walker issues his decision on Perry Vs. Schwarzenegger.  Just text the word “Equal” to 69866.  You can also get an email alert by “liking” their Facebook... Read more »

Poll says most American's don't want Marriage Equality

Photo Credit:Mattitudevia Flickr CC A recent poll says 58% of Americans would prefer a Supreme Court ruling that defines marriage federally as between a man and a woman.  Basically putting their fingers to their noses and telling us that they don’t want Marriage Equality. With all of the controversy going on regarding the Prop 8... Read more »

Valentine's Day Activity: Picket Holy Name Cathedral

Are you looking for something unique to do for Valentine’s Day?  The Gay Liberation Network is organizing a picket at Holy Name Cathedral to bring attention to ‘Freedom-to-Marry Day 2010’ and that GLBT people are still not able to marry. Here’s the information from GLN: In opposition to the desires of millions of lay Catholics... Read more »

Prop 8 Trial Re-enactment: Day 1, Chapter 2

Check here to see Chapter 1   Check here to see Chapter 1

Prop 8 Trial Update: Transcripts now available online

Perry v Schwarzenegger, the Prop 8 Trial, in California has been in session for 2 weeks and today may be the day that the defense rests. We’re still waiting for those courtroom re-enactments that we were promised and the Courage Campaign has been doing a great job of giving us day by day blows of... Read more »

Prop 8 Trial re-enactment hits YouTube - Day 1

Since January 11th the “Prop 8” trial has been taking place in California. At first it was proposed that under a new law that allows cameras in the courtrooms that the trial would be broadcast. Immediately those supporting Prop 8 shouted “foul” and tried to use the defense that if their witnesses were displayed on... Read more »