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Happy Pride Month - Obama issues LGBT Proclamation

It’s June and that means it’s GAY PRIDE MONTH!  Let’s hear it for all the hard work that’s been done over the past year and for all hard work that continues to preserve and extend our rights as members of the LGBT Community.   Over the weekend President Obama issued a proclamation to help us... Read more »

HRC Blog Swarm - Take ACTION TODAY!

A group of progressive and LGBT blogs have launched a blog swarm aimed at the Human Rights Campaign. The goal is simple: Call HRC and tell them to push the White House to repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell this year. So I knew that I needed to share this with you. This is perfect timing,... Read more »

Gay student beaten with pipe in Houston, Gay teen decapited in Puerto Rico

Photo Credit:cybertoad via Flickr CC A Houston student was chased down and beaten with a metal pipe because he is gay. Jayron Martin had been taunted by fellow students at school and threatened but when he notified two principals and his school bus driver – they didn’t do anything. As he expected, after Jayron exited... Read more »

Obama set to sign Matthew Shepard Act

President Obama is set to sign The Matthew Shepard/James Bryd Jr Hate Crimes Prevention Act into law this afternoon. I was proud to announce last week that with a 68-29 vote the bill passed its final hurdle on its way to the Presidents desk.  Today at 2:30 PM EDT President Obama will sign the National... Read more »