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Poll says most American's don't want Marriage Equality

Photo Credit:Mattitudevia Flickr CC A recent poll says 58% of Americans would prefer a Supreme Court ruling that defines marriage federally as between a man and a woman.  Basically putting their fingers to their noses and telling us that they don’t want Marriage Equality. With all of the controversy going on regarding the Prop 8... Read more »

Cast your vote for your favorite Gay Bar

Have you cast your vote yet for your favorite Chicago Gay Bar? If not then head on over here and vote now! Looks like Sidetrack is in the lead with 20% of the votes, but a lot of places haven’t been voted on at all yet. WE NEED TO HEAR FROM YOU. VOTE NOW

POLL: What is YOUR favorite gay bar in Chicago

Last week I shared the OUT Magazine poll that highlighted four Chicago gay bars as some of the best bars in the world. But it seems as though some of you disagree with OUT Magazine, so now it’s your chance to vote on:   WHAT IS THE BEST GAY BAR IN CHICAGO   Was OUT... Read more »