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Boystown 'Community Walk' scheduled for TONIGHT!

During this weeks Beat 2331 CAPS Meeting the community demanded more police presence in the neighborhood with the increase of crime in the neighborhoods. A Neighborhood Walk has been already been scheduled for the night of August 14th by the Police Department, but now the community has scheduled another. This evening, the community, along with... Read more »

Lakeview 911 page now live on Facebook

During this weeks Beat 2331 CAPS meeting the community raised concern that the news about the current attacks were not being disseminated to the public fast enough.  The Police Commander had said that a Facebook Page was in the works, but it was not yet ready. Well, someone took it upon themselves and decided not... Read more »

Chow down at Edgewater Summer Dinner Crawl July 23rd

Bryn Mawr Ave as seen from the El. Photo Credit: Michael Lehet via Flickr I know you’ve been to Hollywood Beach, but have you really been to Edgewater?  Well now is the time to really check it out as the Edgwater Development Corp has organized the first ever Edgewater Summer Dinner Crawl on Thursday, July... Read more »