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Diana Ross is Chicago

The original Diva – Diana Ross, is kicking off her More Today Than Yesterday tour in  Boston on May 15th and she’s making a stop in Chicago. Ms. Ross will be making a stop at the historic Chicago Theatre on May 27th – can you think of a better way to kick of IML/Memorial Day... Read more »

[VIDEO]: Milk67 - White Monks

WOAH!  I think I just found my new favorite artist – Milk67 an electro fusion rock something or other group out of Zurich, Switzerland.  All I know is they’ve got a great sound and an even hotter music video to go along with it. I can’t’ find much out about them, even though they have... Read more »

Lady Gaga made $167 in five months

A Sweedish site is reporting that Lady Gaga should be receiving a check soon from the new music start-up company Spotify, for about 1150 KRONOS. That’s about the going rate that ticket scalpers are getting for a single back-of-the-theater-seat for her upcoming conert in January. Spotify, a membership based music streaming site available in Europe,... Read more »

BLOW OFF hits Chicago in time for Halloween

Photo Credit:mattindy77 via Flickr CC BLOWOFF, the ultra successful East Coast dance party that originated in DC and NYC has officially spread across the country with another appearance in Chicago.  Richard Morel and Bob Mould will once again make the crowd dance all night long with a set list that will blow your mind.  Check... Read more »

Old school and keeping it cool: Bob Mould

Photo Credit: chromewavesdotorg via Flickr You may recognize Bob Mould as part of the punk rock band Hüsker Dü from the 80’s or Sugar from the 90’s or part of the duo behind Blowoff but he’s coming back to Chicago with a sound that he’s been working on for more than 20 years. I recently... Read more »