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Special screening of Valley of the Dolls with Patty Duke LIVE!

Queer Film Society is holding a screening of Valley of the Dolls with special a guest star – Patty Duke! On Saturday, November 20th make sure that you are at the Music Box Theater (3733 N Southport) for a spectacular screening of the 60’s classic ‘Valley of the Dolls‘ A super fun pre-show starts at 1PM where... Read more »

Tired Old Queen at the Movies

If you like old movies, then you’ve got to check out Steve Hayes, Tired Old Queen at the Movies.  This week he’s reviewing the 1952 Cecil B. DeMille production: The Greatest Show on Earth   It makes me want to add it to my Netflix queue.

Avatar, Addams Family and In The Heights

The boys over at Feast of Fun, also found here on ChicagoNow, invited me over for their end of year show where we chatted about movies, broadway shows and other weird news tidbits that they found.   Listen to the show here   I’m on vacation until the first of the year, like so many... Read more »

28th Reeling Film Festival kicks off this week

The 28th Reeling Chicago Lesbian & Gay International Film Festival opens this week for 10 days of exciting movies!  It’s not just all movies though, there’s all sorts of parties as well. For 10 days more than 150 LGBT films from around the world will be shown during 59 different screenings at four locations thorughout... Read more »

Seniors and Children and Queers - OH MY! Turn out for Wizard of Oz

Alright, who went to see The Wizard of Oz last night at your local cinema? If you didn’t, then you shame on you because you are definitely not ‘a friend of Dorothy.’  A few of my friends poo-pooed the idea of going to see the classic 1939 Wizard of Oz, and all I can say... Read more »

Happy Wizard of Oz Day

Photo Credit:mysealia via Flickr 70 years ago today, after several years of production and changes in directors who reshot many scenes – The Wizard of Oz premiered. (Thanks to my friend David for pointing that out.)  And now for one night only you’ll get to see The Wizard of Oz like you’ve never seen it... Read more »

I've got to see G.I. Joe now!

US Magazine has apparently found a video of G.I. Joe actor Channing Tatum when he was a wee stripper almost 10 years ago! I wasn’t really enthusiastic about going to see G.I. Joe (my roommate saw it this weekend and loved it, but he’s really just a straight guy stuck in a gay mans body)... Read more »

What's your favorite John Hughes movie?

John Hughes died earlier today at the age of 59.  Growing up in the 80’s I vaguely remember his movies!  I grew up in the country and the closest movie theater was more than 20 miles away and there was only one screen, so I didn’t see a lot of movies, instead I knew about a lot... Read more »