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Are you on the bus?

I just go an update from the Join The Impact team on the final count for buses going to DC from the Midwest for the National Equality March. I’m excited to say that I am going to be on one of the buses with several of my friends – and hopefully working on an amazing... Read more »

Countdown to DC: Equality March route approved

I am getting so excited about the National Equality March taking place in DC next month. Things are falling into place, at least 3 buses from Chicago will be making their way to DC, a rally is scheduled for Chicago on the same day and the March Route has been approved!  Now we’ know where... Read more »

How would you like to ask 4,000,000 people for permission to get married?

American queers are not the only ones trying to get marriage equality, it’s happening around the world. Here’s a great advertisement from Ireland that’s trying to drive the point home. What are you doing for marriage equality? All this week I’ve been posting clips from Cleve Jones speech that he delivered last weekend at the... Read more »

Cleve Jones speech at Join the Impact Chicago forum - Part 2

Stop by all week, as I continue to post all of Cleve Jones speech from the Join the Impact Chicago fundraiser held last week at the Victory Gardens Biograph Theater.  Check out Part One of his speech. Subscribe via RSS: Subscribe via Email: Follow Michael Lehet on Twitter:

CONTEST: Create the National Equality March song

The National Equality March on Washington, DC is taking place on Sunday October 11 at 12PM.  This grassroots rally is marching on Washington to send a message that now is the time for equal rights for LGBT people.  A lot of planning is being done, but more needs to happen.  I just ran across a... Read more »

Finally, a Queer Anthem!

Sean Chapin over on YouTube has composed an posted a new “LGBT Anthem” titled ‘We are Coming Out’ to get everyone riled up in time for the March on Washington which is scheduled for October 11th.   What do you think? Are you going to the March on Washington?  Subscribe via RSS: Subscribe via Email:... Read more »