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Equality Illinois Springfield Lobby Day [PHOTO GALLERY]

Last week Equality Illinois sponsored a Lobby Day in Springfield that took several dozen civil lobbyists to Springfield to speak to our Representatives and Senators. Equality Illinois organized four buses from across the state to bring as many civil lobbyists together as possible to talk about SB1716, the Civil Unions Bill.  More than 150 civil lobbyists from across... Read more »

I'm 'Live Blogging' from Springfield

  I am on the bus again, this time on my way to Springfield with Equality Illinois to talk to our elected officials about the Civil Unions bill that’s currently on the record. I will be live Tweeting throughout the day as I won’t have access to a computer to update here along the way.... Read more »

Get on the bus....to Springfield

Equality Illinois is heading to Springfield to lobby our representatives on Civil Unions – and you need to get on the bus. What are you doing to advance your rights as part of the LGBT community?  Are you just sitting back hoping that someone else will do it for you?  Well its time to stand... Read more »

Equality Illinois sets date for Civil Unions Lobby Day

April 22nd has been slated by Equality Illinois as Civil Union Lobby Day in Springfield to lobby for SB1716 – the Civil Union bill. What is a Lobby Day?  It’s an opportunity for you to become a voice of your community by heading to Springfield to talk to your legislators about the need for Civil... Read more »