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CALL TO ACTION: Televise the Prop 8 trials

Although we may not live in California, the Prop 8 trial that starts on January 11th affects us all.  A Call To Action has been placed by the Courage Campaign to gather signatures to show the court that we want the trials televised. Here’s the note: This is extremely urgent and extremely important. U.S. District... Read more »

Avatar, Addams Family and In The Heights

The boys over at Feast of Fun, also found here on ChicagoNow, invited me over for their end of year show where we chatted about movies, broadway shows and other weird news tidbits that they found.   Listen to the show here   I’m on vacation until the first of the year, like so many... Read more »

Influential and Famous people who died from AIDS

Share Today is World AIDS Day, a day set aside to educate AIDS Awareness, to move forward in helping to find a cure and to remember those who have fallen.  Here are some influential and famous people who have died from AIDS. **UPDATED** Who else do you think should be included in this gallery? Weird... Read more »

Gay activists to confront Chicago Police on their own turf

Photo Credit:noah wesley via Flickr CC Officer Richard Fiorito has been named in 37 federal civil right lawsuits of framing drivers, especially LGBT drivers, of drunk driving.  But the police are not responding to these charges, so activists from the Gay Liberation Network will confront Chicago Police on their own turf during a Chicago Police Board meeting... Read more »