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Berlin to host Food Drive for Lakeview Pantry

Through Saturday drop off your non-perishable food items to Berlin to benefit the Lakeview Pantry. We all like to party, we all like to have a good time, but we need to remember that there are plenty of people in our community who still don’t have enough food to eat.   Take some time out of... Read more »

Scarlet returns from the ashes

Just like the mythical Phoenix, Scarlet – the Boystown bar that was burned to the ground 7 months ago – has risen from the flames and been restored better than it was before. Check out this great video from Outworld.TV and Bill Pritchard of ChicagoPride.com   Welcome back Scarlet, you were missed!

Two 'Positive Loitering' walks set for Boystown tonight

To raise a positive presence on the streets of Boystown, meet up with your friends and neighbors and District 23 police officers at Midnight and 2AM tonight and walk through the neighborhood.   Wear your comfortable shoes and meet in the parking lot of 7-Eleven at 11:55PM AND 1:55AM.  Stop in the 7-Eleven first and... Read more »

Lakeview citizens walk to 'Take back the streets'

Almost 50 people gathered in the 7-Eleven parking lot at midnight on Saturday to join up with District 23 Police Commander Kathleen Boehmer and walk through the neighborhood to send a message to those criminals who are targeting Lakeview and Lincoln Park residents! After an extremely emotional CAPS meeting last week, concerned citizens quickly collaborated to finalize... Read more »

Lakeview 911 page now live on Facebook

During this weeks Beat 2331 CAPS meeting the community raised concern that the news about the current attacks were not being disseminated to the public fast enough.  The Police Commander had said that a Facebook Page was in the works, but it was not yet ready. Well, someone took it upon themselves and decided not... Read more »

Racism and homophobia is alive and well in Boystown

Photo Credit: Michael Lehet Over the weekend some friends and I made a trek down to Boystown, and I was shocked at how much Halsted has changed. We started off the evening by catching Teri Yaki’s new Game Show at Spin and laughed our asses off.  We were having a great time until this drunk... Read more »