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Saturday Morning Video: Improv Everywhere - No Underwear Subway Ride

You may recall that earlier this year Chicago celebrated No Pants Subway Ride in the dead of January.  Fortunately I was there to take photos and to grab some video so that you didn’t need to. Well Improv Everywhere has taken it one step further by hosting “No Underwear Subway Ride” recently in New York City…..hmmmm, I... Read more »

Around Town: No Pants Subway Ride [VIDEO]

This past weekend was Impro Everywhere’s 9th edition of ‘No Pants Subway Ride’ and I was there to join in on the fun….well I followed the crowd but didn’t take my pants off – hey someone needed to video tape it for you! Enjoy

No Pants Subway Ride - Chicago Edition [PHOTOS]

More than 100 people took off their pants and rode the CTA pantsless on one of the coldest days of the year. For the 9th year, Improv Everywhere has organized No Pants Subway ride, where participants take off their pants and ride the CTA – all in the name of humor and flash mobs!  The... Read more »

Take your pants off for ImprovEverywhere

Photo Credit: treobenny via Flickr CC Improv Everywhere is hosting their 9th Annual No Pants! Subway Ride today from noon-3PM meeting at Berger Park at the corner of Granville & Sheridan in the Edgewater neighborhood. Improv Everywhere’s mission is to make people drop their jaws and try to figure out why they’re not in on... Read more »