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Lady Gaga calls out hip-hop homophobia

Lady Gaga just continues to be a champion of the LGBT community!  In an interview with FUSE they talk about the rabid homophobia in today’s hip-hop scene. Ever the Lady, she won’t call out individual artists because as she says “They know who they are” but says that it needs to stop.  Her best quote... Read more »

When people think of homosexuals, they think of this

Believe it or not, there are still people who think of you like this. Make a difference, make a change.  Go to Washington for the National Equality March.  Take the bus with Join the Impact.   Change people’s perceptions!

Racism and homophobia is alive and well in Boystown

Photo Credit: Michael Lehet Over the weekend some friends and I made a trek down to Boystown, and I was shocked at how much Halsted has changed. We started off the evening by catching Teri Yaki’s new Game Show at Spin and laughed our asses off.  We were having a great time until this drunk... Read more »