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Don't give money to the Salvation Army

Photo Credit:kokoloveguam via Flickr CC They’re everywhere you seem to go during this holiday season.  In front of the grocery store, outside a busy shopping district, on a downtown street corner, ringing their bells and asking for donations to be dropped in their little red buckets, that’s right The Salvation Army – but don’t give... Read more »

Open Thread: Ready for the Holidaze?

Photo Credit:basykes via Flickr CC Holidaze are upon us, it’s all downhill from here isn’t it?  First it’s Thanksgiving, then Christmas, New Years and then we’ll settle in for winter.  I hope that you have a great Thanksgiving this week and that you remember the meaning of the day. What are your plans for the... Read more »

How was your Halloween

Did you have a fun Halloween?  If you didn’t get a chance to experience the parade on Halsted check out this great video that my friend Greg Baird posted to his YouTube Channel.   Now that Halloween is behind us we can focus on importan things, like Christmas and New Years Eve!