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Discover your heritage with new exhibit at Gage Gallery

Longtime photographer and LGBT activist Jerry Pritikin will be presenting an exhibit of his photography showcasing San Francisco in the 70’s at a new exhibit at the Gage Gallery at Roosevelt University, just in time for Pride Month. Opening on June 3rd with a reception from 5-8PM, 40 of Jerry’s photographs showcasing San Francisco and the birth... Read more »

What did you do to Celebrate Harvey Milk Day?

This past weekend was Harvey Milk’s Birthday, what did you do to celebrate the day? Did you participate in the sit-in at Senator Durbin’s office that resulted in 13 activists being arrested? Did you participate in the rally that marched up Michigan Avenue? Did you sing Happy Birthday to Harvey Milk? Spend the day at... Read more »

Chicago's Harvey Milk Rally [PHOTO]

Here’s another gallery of great LGBT Activists who hit the street on Saturday to celebrate Harvey Milks birthday. What did you do to mark Harvey Milks Birthday? You can see Photo Gallery 1 here Check out this video of the days event

Happy Birthday Harvey Milk

Here’s a short video from today’s Harvey Milk Rally in downtown Chicago

Harvey Milk Rally - Chicago Edition [PHOTOS]

This was the scene this afternoon at the corner of Michigan & Congress Avenues when approximately 100 queers and their allies gathered to celebrate Harvey Milk’s 80th Birthday.  Although it was wonderful to see so many people out….it was rather disappointing that so few people took time to attend. Several speakers addressed the crowd and... Read more »

Don't forget the Harvey Milk Week of Action rally on Saturday

I hope that you’re going to get involved and that I’ll see you at the Harvey Milk Week of Action Rally scheduled for Saturday at 1PM. Don’t just sit there and hope that someone else will come out and represent you….do it for yourself….do it for your community….do it for those in the LGBT community... Read more »

Happy Birthday Harvey Milk

Happy 80th Birthday Harvey Milk, I wish that you were still here so that we could tell you face-to-face, but alas you’re not. What are you doing to celebrate Harvey’s birthday?  Are you taking part in the Rally scheduled for 1PM?  Are you talking to your friends, your neighbors, your co-workers about why you are... Read more »

What are you doing for Harvey Milk's Birthday

This Saturday would have been Harvey Milk’s 80th birthday, had he not been slain by Dan White in 1978.  Harvey Milk, was the first openly gay elected official in the US when he was won a seat on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in 1977.  Just 11 short months later he and Mayor George... Read more »

Still looking for something to do this weekend

You’ve still got plenty of time to have fun this weekend, but if you do nothing else this weekend then you need to head down to Michigan & Congress and take part in the Rally for Harvey Milk’s Birthday and to raise awareness of LGBT Rights.  FESTIVALS F/S/S – Chicago MayfestS/S – Chicago Green Festival... Read more »

Get ready for a FABULOUS Weekend!

This week has been a week of Action for the LGBT Community, leading up to Harvey Milk’s birthday this weekend.  If you do anything this weekend make sure you get to the planned rally at Congress & Michigan Avenue on Saturday at 1PM to stand up for your rights – no one else is going... Read more »