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Greg Harris Final Comments on Civil Unions [VIDEO]

Bill Brady would ban gay marriage if elected

Photo Credit:weareillinois via Flickr CC The GOP front-runner for Illinois Governor, Bill Brady, announced that he would amend the Illinois Constitution to ban same-sex marriage if he were elected. Brady who seems to be close in the polls to Kirk  Dillard, despite only getting 5.41% of the votes during the election, but is gaining traction... Read more »

Steans introduces Marriage Equality Bill in IL Senate

Illinois Senator Heather Steans became the first in to introduce a Marriage Equality Bill to the Senate, Illinois SB2468.   Will we make it this time?   If you recall, earlier this year State Representative Greg Harris, who happens to be gay, tried to get HB2234 and SB1716 to the floor before the end of... Read more »