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'Great Nationwide Kiss-In' takes country by storm

Same Sex-Kissing was the biggest thing going on in more than 50 cities across the country at 1PM CDT Saturday as gays and lesbians congregated in public places to make a statement about being able to kiss in public. You can check out more details from the day and pictures here More importantly though I... Read more »

Cloud Gate becomes set for Great Nationwide Kiss-In

Photo Credit: Michael Lehet More than 50 people gathered in the plaza surrounding Cloud Gate during what seemed as one of the hottest days of the year with one thing on their minds – kissing! Saturday afternoon marked the Great Nationwide Kiss-In where LGBT couples from around the country gathered at local public venues to... Read more »

Pucker up Baby, it's time for a Kiss-in

Recently the news has been filled with a lot of  LGBT harrassment.  There was a gay couple arrested in Salt Lake City for kissing on a public way that’s owned by the Mormon Church.  In El Paso, Texas a gay couple was ejected from an eatery because they were kissing.  Is kissing that bad?  Apparently... Read more »