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Tires on Gay Pride Floats Slashed Overnight

According to a Chicago Tribune post, more than 30 Gay Pride parade floats had their tires slit last night. Associated Attractions Enterprises, Inc at 4800 South Halsted reported this morning that more than 30 floats that were being stored for Chicago’s 42nd Annual Gay Pride Parade had two or more tires slit. When employees left... Read more »

AT&T to boost their cell network for Gay Pride Parade

Photo Credit: kiwanja via Flickr CC In anticipation of a record gathering crowd in Boystown for the 42nd Annual Gay Pride Parade, AT&T is boosting their network for the weekend to make sure that all of those iPhone calls get through. AT&T is one of the main cell carriers of the Apple iPhone 4, and... Read more »

Get ready for a FABULOUS Weekend!

Are you getting ready to show your Pride this weekend?  There are so many hot fun events to get your ready for the Parade on Sunday that you’d better take a bunch of naps so you can enjoy everything.  Get out there, have some fun and enjoy Pride.  THURSDAY, JUNE 24 Head downtown to Room... Read more »

Get the inside scoop on the successful Russian Gay Pride Parade

Recently leaders from Chicago’s Gay Liberation Network traveled to Moscow Russia to help stage the first successful gay pride parade in a truly homophobic country in the past five years. Russia is probably one of the most homophobic countries in the world, gays have no rights at all and year after year the Mayor of... Read more »

Chicago Spirit Brigade SHATTERS fund raising records!

The Chicago Spirit Brigade with Nettlehorst Elementary Students The Chicago Spirit Brigade (CSB) announced that during the 40th Annual Gay Pride Parade recently held in Boystown that they broke all previous fundraising events. CSB, in it’s 6th year, has always passed the bucket during their performances to collect money for an organization that supports the... Read more »