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Obama calls it like it is - Kanye is a Jackass

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No baby for Elton John

The interwebs were abuzz this morning with news that Sir Elton John had changed his mind on adoption after visiting a Ukranian hospital for children infected with HIV. Elton John married his partner David Furnish in 2005 in one of the UK’s first legal civil unions, but the Ukraine is saying they don’t recognize homosexual... Read more »

Saturday Video Roundup: Cell Block Tango - Disney style

There is some crazy stuff on YouTube. So I thought I’d share some videos I found recently that were sorta kooky and strange. People have taken the song “Cell Block Tango” from the movie version of Chicago and use Disney characters to stand in for the ladies on death row. Here’s one using clips from... Read more »

New Fall Fashion Trend?

Posted to Twitter via: lonilove Everyone is calling for a horrendous flu season this year, I wonder if this is a new fashion trend that we should look forward to? What color and size should we order?

Fantasia in The Color Purple is amazing!

Fantasia Barrino as Cellie in the Color Purple. Photo Credit: Broadway in Chicago Fantasia Barrino OWNS the role of Cellie in the current production of The Color Purple playing at the Arie Crown Theater through Sunday August 6th. Last night was my first trip to the Arie Crown Theater, even though it’s a “bit out... Read more »

Zombies to demand health care at Schakowsky Town Hall Forum

Photo Credit:endenizen via Flickr Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky will hold a Health Care Town Hall Forum in the Niles West High School Auditorium at 5701 Oakton Street in Skokie, and zombies will be there to protest and demand Universal Health Care. The Zombies, part of the group “Universal Single Payer Health Care is the Only Way... Read more »

Police Committee Passes Resolution... Against Policeman

I wasn’t able to attend the 23rd District GLBT Subcommittee last night due to prior commitments, but I just got this press release from the Gay Liberation Network that I wanted to share with you: A Chicago police officer facing 20 federal civil rights lawsuits for allegedly targeting Lesbian and Gay motorists for false DUIs... Read more »

South African athletics boss quits over Semenya gender bender probe

AP Photo: Anja Niedringhaus Caster Semenya has been in the news quite often over the last week since the IAAF has requested a “gender verification test.” Semenya shattered the current 800m Womens race at the World Athletics Championships by almost a full second and since then has been under constant scrutiny to determine whether she... Read more »

Police plan two Safety Forums for Boystown

On Tuesday, August 25, police officers from the 19th District and 23rd District will hold two safety forums in Boystown. With safety the biggest thing on our minds recently, you should make time to attend one of the Safety Forums that will be presented on the 25th.  Both will provide tipes on how to protect... Read more »

Did Michael Jackson like his men on the hefty side?

Rumors are now floating around that Michael Jackson was a chubby chaser! What was going on there at Dr. Arnie Klein’s office?  I swear everything that ever happened to Michael at that office, isn’t that where he met the unknown mother of his children?  Now, Jason Pfeiffer, who works at Klein’s office is claiming that... Read more »