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Gay Chicago in the 80's

Gay Chicago in the 80's
How about this blast from the past!  Click through to watch this fabulous clip from a show called Diva Diaries that played at the now shuttered Lakeshore Theater on Broadway in the early 80’s. It’s FILLED with drag queens and what looks to be a very young Alexandra Billings (which wouldn’t surprise me) singing the dance... Read more »

Dixie Longate is Coming To Town

Dixie Longate and Michael Lehet Dixie Longate is coming to town and you’d better watch out bitches! I’ve had the distinct pleasure of stalking Dixie for a few years now, and now it’s your turn to start. For me it started a few years ago when a blogger friend in Denver said he was loading... Read more »

'Glamour of Boystown' 2010 calendar now available

Find yours at Beatnix, at the corner of Roscoe & Halsted