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Boystown CAPS Meeting set for Wednesday July 6

With all of the recent street activity in Boystown – including a videotaped melee that showed a 25 year old man getting stabbed – it’s time to take back the streets. It seems as though every summer there as in an increase in pedestrian traffic in Boystown and with that comes an influx of issues... Read more »

Boystown beating caught on tape

On Sunday, July 3rd at just a few minutes before midnight, someone videotaped a violent attack of someone in the 3300 N Halsted block.  After just the prior evening a Positive Loitering group walked the streets to take back the streets. Here’s the disturbing video. This is from the Chicago Tribune report: Witnesses told police... Read more »

Man liberates future girlfriend from life as a sex slave

Photo Credit:kingstonist via Flickr An as yet unidentified Ohio man was driven to a life of crime recently when he liberated a blowup doll from an Ohio store that specializes in adult toys, by driving through the store. The man drove a purple Dodge Neon through the front doors of an AdultMart in Vermillion, OH... Read more »

Boystown CAPS meeting draws standing room only crowd

Photo Credit: Michael Lehet Camera crews and news reporters surrounded Alderman Tom Tunney outside of Beat 2331 CAPS meeting in Boystown this evening.  And it was standing room only as concerned business owners, residents and members of the LGBT community stood shoulder to shoulder at local Boystown eatery, Nookies Tree, to try and make sense... Read more »

Are queers even safe in our own neighborhood?

Photo Credit: Rcktmanil via Flickr A 24-year old man was beaten and robbed early Monday morning – right in the heart of Boystown! The young man was walking on Halsted near Buckingham at 4:50AM when he was attacked and beaten by 4 men who beat him and stole his cellphone. Halsted and Buckingham…uhm, that’s right... Read more »

Take a stand, attend the CAPS meeting in Boystown on Aug 5

Crime in the Boystown/Lakeview neighborhood has been on the rise, and it’s time to stand up and fight back. Crime in the Boystown/Lakeview neighborhood has been on the rise, and it’s time to stand up and fight back. Over the past few days a group of roving thugs have been targeting the area around Lincoln... Read more »