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Corrupt cop likely to go free

Just got this release from the Gay Liberation Network regarding the ongoing case against alleged corrupt cop Richard Fiorito who falsely targeted LGBT citizens. Sources within the office of Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez say Ms. Alvarez won’t prosecute corrupt cop Richard Fiorito.   Attorneys within the Cook County State’s Attorneys office recently leaked... Read more »

Gay activists to confront Chicago Police on their own turf

Photo Credit:noah wesley via Flickr CC Officer Richard Fiorito has been named in 37 federal civil right lawsuits of framing drivers, especially LGBT drivers, of drunk driving.  But the police are not responding to these charges, so activists from the Gay Liberation Network will confront Chicago Police on their own turf during a Chicago Police Board meeting... Read more »

Two 'Positive Loitering' walks set for Boystown tonight

To raise a positive presence on the streets of Boystown, meet up with your friends and neighbors and District 23 police officers at Midnight and 2AM tonight and walk through the neighborhood.   Wear your comfortable shoes and meet in the parking lot of 7-Eleven at 11:55PM AND 1:55AM.  Stop in the 7-Eleven first and... Read more »